Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Money4Businesses Business TIPS

Our Goal is to help businesses succeed. One way is showing you where to get money to make money$

Another is to share ideas and resources.
For the start of this blog it will be ideas and resources.

TIP 1. When creating business cards use a 800 number for incoming calls and incoming faxes. That way your contact information never changes or dies when you change phones services.
When you use a 800 number for incoming faxes there are many good reasons.
a. You can get a fax anywhere you can get email.
b. You can not loose the fax if you loose the paper it is printed on.
c. You can save the fax to your computer and email save folder.
d. I recommend for information please follow this link:
Here are some benefits of using a 800 number for incoming calls
a. You can keep track of the calls and where they are coming from.
b. You can direct the 800 number to any phone anytime very fast.
c. You can set it up to receive voicemails and get the messages in your email.

THESE ARE JUST A FEW TIPS For more send a email to

Question: What email address should be used on business cards?
Answer: One that does not change if you change internet service providers or websites.
Hint: Yahoo, hotmail, gmail

Hope this helps
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